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MedicalDirector Publishing and Knowledge

MedicalDirector Publishing and Knowledge publishes, digitises and distributes the latest clinical content and medicines information to health professionals, hospitals and community pharmacies.

MedicalDirector Publishing and Knowledge has over 20 years of experience in digital publishing within the Australian health industry. Covering all aspects of content delivery, including subscription management, ePublishing services and remote access options, we can provide you with a resourceful solution that will meet the needs of your organisation.

eSubscription Management

Deliver digital clinical content to healthcare professionals at the point of care using our subscription management service. We cover the entire process from trial management and evaluation, license negotiation and procurement through to secure authentication and access, allowing you to focus on your customers.

ePublishing Services

Publish, promote and sell your latest health resource using our ePublishing services. We will develop your publication, making it accessible in multiple formats and platforms, and will then assist you with the promotion of your publication.

With our ePublishing service you can:

  • Build brand recognition and take advantage of market access opportunities while ensuring your intellectual property is protected.
  • Create new revenues by accessing vertical and niche markets that complement legacy lines.
  • Leverage and extend your intellectual property online.

ERAMS Supported by Access Control System (ACS)

Our E-Resource Access and Management Services (ERAMS) can provide your organisation with the technologies and platforms to help you maximise the exposure of your digital resources and collections.

ERAMS uses Access Control System (ACS), MedicalDirector's own authentication platform, which allows your users to access content both on site or remotely using a robust single sign on (SSO) framework. ACS has been specifically designed for the health sector, meaning your staff and customers will have secure, fast, efficient and consistent access at any time.

We are also available to assist with contracting and negotiation activities allowing you to optimise your time.

ePublishing services

Publications and Resources

We are dedicated to providing you with the latest world-class tools and resources to assist you in your practice. In addition, we can also supply best of breed web-based search-and-discovery tools, in collaboration with our industry leading partners, that will allow you and your staff to explore reliable, independent Australian and international clinical content.