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MedicalDirector Clinical

Confidently meet the quality, safety and diagnostic challenges you face every day.

MedicalDirector Clinical is modern, intuitive and designed to optimise patient outcomes. Created with the busy medical practice in mind, MedicalDirector Clinical is packed with clinical tools and features to help you save time, reduce costs and improve patient safety.

  • Manage reports and referrals online, capture your clinical notes electronically, and view patients’ integrated information and results at the touch of a button.
  • Customise clinical workflows using tools and shortcuts to suit your individual needs.
  • Electronically receive, review, manage and action your patients’ test results, radiological images and pathology reports, all from the device of your choice.
  • Spend less time training new team members as the majority of clinicians have had experience using MedicalDirector
  • Quickly and securely exchange documents and patient information  between clinicians, leaving a clear correspondence audit trail.
  • Prescribe with confidence knowing you are working from the latest independent content in the form of MDReference, an automatically updated, gold-standard web-based library of more than 100 clinical resources.
  • Enjoy quick, easy and fully integrated online access to the latest healthcare tools , including textbooks, journals, medicines information and clinical guidelines.
  • Quickly check updates, actions, recalls and independent drug interaction safety information including monographs, product identifiers (PMIs) and consumer medicines information (CMIs).
  • ePrescribing using quick, easy workflows that optimise patient safety in dispensing medication.
  • Securely integrate third-party tools and applications including calculators, charts, statistical tools and more.
  • Access information you need, when you need it thanks to MedicalDirector Clinical’s fully-supported sidebar.
  • Seamlessly integrate with MedicalDirector PracSoft , Australia’s leading practice management software, to tailor a fully featured solution for your practice.

MedicalDirector Sidebar

Need fast, smart, seamless access to the best available Australian clinical information and resources?

MedicalDirector has partnered with leading industry providers to deliver a range of smart tools that support patient care and your business. Free with MedicalDirector Clinical, MedicalDirector Sidebar provides General Practitioners access to the latest clinical resources on your desktop, delivered faster, smarter and seamlessly with your clinical workflow.

  • Intuitive Decision Support with Smart Notifications provide relevant visual alerts in patient context
  • Seamless integrated workflow providing minimal disruption to GP care
  • Controlled and secure solution  giving you peace of mind that data is secure and privacy protected
  • Faster Performance facilitated by new server-based architecture design
  • Slimline User Interface means widget icons are now unobtrusive but informative, revealing more detailed information and intuitive navigation with a simple click.

Just like apps on your smart phone, you can choose the widgets that work for you.

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