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November 2016 MBS and RMFS fee update

1 November 2016

MedicalDirector is pleased to provide the MBS & RMFS fee update for November 2016.

The following changes will take effect from 1 November 2016. Read more.

For instructions on updating MBS, RMFS and DVA Allied Health Fees click here.

To obtain the November 2016 MBS & RMFS fee update, select the 'Download' button on the right.

If you are experiencing difficulties activating new item numbers, please follow the instructions below.

How to Activate New Item Numbers

  1. Open PracSoft
  2. Select Admin > Fees
  3. Click Add Item
  4. Enter the item number (e.g. 63487) and press the TAB key.
  5. You may be prompted with a message: "The Description has been truncated.  Please enter a shorter description."
  6. Click OK – the description will automatically be truncated for you
  7. Repeat for any other items required

Click here for more information.

If you have any questions or you experience any problems applying this update, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care on 1300 788 802 or log an online inquiry.

DOWNLOAD (616.89 KB)

December 2014 - MedicalDirector PracSoft PKI Certificate Update

22nd of December 2014

Valid Medicare Australia certificates are required by customers who communicate electronically with Medicare Australia when using PKI. Replacement of expired certificates is a normal operational procedure. Renewing your Medicare Australia certificates will allow online operations to continue uninterrupted.

PKI technology is used in MedicalDirector PracSoft for the secure transmission of online claiming data.

MedicalDirector is pleased to provide MedicalDirector PracSoft customers with the latest version of the PKI Manager which will assist you to update the Medicare Australia PKI certificate to the very latest and current version.


 Instructions to Renew PKI Certificates:

  1. The two documents below provide detailed instructions for updating the Medicare Australia PKI Certificate. It is recommended that you download these documents (by clicking the hyperlinks below) and printing them out for reference.

    PKI Certificate Renewal Guide

  2. After reading the instructions you will find that you need to download the latest PKI Certificate Manager Installer by clicking on 'download' button at right hand side table.
  3. Staff must close MedicalDirector PracSoft (and MedicalDirector Clinical if also using PKI) when you perform the instructions, which should normally be run on the server.

MedicalDirector strongly recommends that you always update your Medicare Australia PKI certificate to the latest and current version.

If you experience any problems applying this Update, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care on 1300 300 161.

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