The General Practice Research Network (GPRN) is a nationally representative cohort of GPs which contribute longitudinal, de-identified, patient-based information that's a key resource for researchers, industry, health departments and non-government organisations.

Australia's leading research panel contributing
to better patient outcomes

Australia's Most Established Source of Electronic Primary Care Information

The GPRN has gathered quality de-identified patient-based information since 1999 making it Australia's most established, longitudinal study into primary care.

Information Direct from the Point of Care

The GPRN collects information electronically including "reason for visit" and "reasons for prescribing". All information is fully de-identified and encrypted before being transmitted to MedicalDirector.

Key Primary Care Source for Research
and Industry

Information gathered from the GPRN provides extensive measurement of the prevalence of disease, comorbidities and medications making it a key resource for researchers, industry, health departments and non-government organisations across Australia.

Supporting National Levels of Research

Representing a cross-section of Australia's primary care industry, information from the GPRN can provide insight into population health trends that form the basis for a variety of national industry reports, whitepapers and case studies.

GPRN at a Glance

  • 1400

  • 4.1 Million

  • 43 Million

  • 46 Million
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Want to join the GPRN?

When you join the General Practice Research Network (GPRN) you become part of a prestigious cohort that provides valuable contributions to primary care research. Become a member of the GPRN and receive:

Cash Reimbursement
Per GP

(up to the value of $500)*

Priority Technical Support

Complimentary Classroom Training

(up to the value of $480 + GST)**

National Annual Report

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*The cash reimbursement is dependent upon whether the GP is a full time or part time practitioner and the reimbursement will be calculated pro-rata up to a maximum of $500 per GP per practice. Twelve months of partipation is calculated based on the number of weeks worked and contributions received over a 12 month period.
**MedicalDirector classroom training credits can be used by any individual for two separate sessions or can be used by two people for the same session. Training credits are automatically applied at the time of registration.