Research & Data Analytics

Research & Data Analytics

Do you need to understand trends, track initiatives or measure patient outcomes in general practice?

MedicalDirector Research is a leading provider of quality health information and the only electronic database to include "reason for visit" and "reason for prescribing". MedicalDirector Research rich data is provided through the General Practice Research Network (GPRN), a nationally representative cohort provides quality deidentified observational patient-based longitudinal research. The electronic database makes available a vast array of relevant consultation fields ranging from demographics, risk factors, drug dynamics, test results and diagnosis. It also includes over 100 different measures including BP, BMI, HBA1c and INR. Understanding patients, the interventions and results provides greater insights into health outcomes for different treatment regimes and patient types.

Some of the key features include:

  • Monitoring behavioural trends and prescribing patterns
  • Market dynamics studies
  • Longitudinal patient studies
  • Prescription tracking
  • Brand planning and strategy
  • Understanding treatment trends across disease states and patient outcomes.

Relevant market information is delivered through a wide variety of options, including a visual analytics dashboard, making it easy to understand your key metrics and access decision-ready information.

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Our experienced team can assist in understanding your requirements and recommending the right metrics.

Industry Publications and Research Reports

Data and insights extracted and analysed from the GPRN are used in a variety of industry publications and research reports to highlight issues within the Australian health industry.

2016 Practice Survey: Technology opportunities and obstacles in medical practice

The challenges facing health professional in medical practice today are complex and evolving. From government funding restrictions to the increasing health demands of an ageing population, these pressures are opening the door to new opportunities as practices begin to realise the benefits of new technology.

For this publication, we surveyed more than 400 health professionals in May and June of 2016, to examine medical practice attitudes towards cloud-based IT systems and technology trends with the potential to transform patient care.

Download 2016 Practice Survey

Whitepaper: Chronic Care Challenge: How Technology Can Enrich Patient Care

Changing lifestyle conditions over the past 50 years has changed the health dynamics of Australia's population. With increased diagnoses of chronic disease within Australia, higher pressures are being placed on General Practitioners to manage these conditions at the point of care.

This whitepaper, compiled from an analysis of more than 145,700 de-identified patient records[1], along with a survey of 320 clinicians, shows a clear rise in patients presenting with chronic disease.

Download Whitepaper

2015 Practice Survey: Practice Pressures and E-Health Realities

With Australia’s ageing population, rising patient demand and increasing funding pressure, health professionals are facing an uphill battle to provide quality patient care and maintain their practices.

In 2015, a survey of 423 healthcare professionals (including GPs, specialists, nurses and practice managers) was conducted to understand the challenges health professionals were facing in terms of providing good patient care, sustaining their business and to uncover opportunities brought about by electronic health systems.

Download 2015 Practice Survey

Industry Research Reports
Baker IDI (Heart and Diabetes Institute) Australia's Cholesterol Crossroads
Baker IDI (Heart and Diabetes Institute) Bittersweet Fining of Blood Glucose Levels
Baker IDI (Heart and Diabetes Institute) Pressure Points in Primary Care
Grattan Institute: Chronic Failure in Primary Care

Our industry offerings include:

Weighted Average Monthly Treatment Cost Dosage Data Reports - WAMTC Report

PBS approved source for weighted average monthly treatment cost dosage data reports. Reports are available in the PBS approved format and ready for submission.

Customised Reporting Services

Our strength has always been on answering any specific market research questions you may have. We believe each question/project is different hence needs to be treated & analysed individually. Using timely information and with an experienced analytical team, we can provide high quality Customer & Market focused analysis for your organisation. 

The above data is historical sample data.

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[1] Data from MedicalDirector's General Practice Research Network (GPRN), a nationally representative cohort of GPs that provide quality, de-identified patient-based research. Since 1999, more than 1,300 GPs have contributed to a longitudinal patient-based database containing more than 44 million encounters of more than four million patients.