Research & Data Anaytics

General Practice Research Network

The General Practice Research Network (GPRN) is a national network of Australian clinicians participating in quality assurance and research activities through MedicalDirector Clinical. Each week the panel of participating GPs supply de-identified data that is used to support research and development in general practice. With access to longitudinal patient-based database containing over 39 million scripts, in excess of 42 million unique encounters for more than 3.8 million patients.

MedicalDirector has an experienced analytical team dedicated to producing concise reports from data collected over the last 13 years. GPRN provides the highest quality health information to government, academia and industry, helping to support: market planning and monitoring, product strategy development, product positioning, targeting and forecasting.

Some of the key features include:

  • Monitoring behavioural trends in General Practitioners prescribing patterns.
  • State based Market Share & Trend analysis.
  • Provide in depth market segmentation tools.
  • Deliver virtually "live to market" information.
  • Weekly monitoring report where growth in prescribing can be followed week by week.
  • Health Indications\Diagnosis based Analysis.
  • Provide different colourations in Co-prescriptions & Co-morbidities.
  • Customised reports on Length of Therapy (LOT)
  • De-identified Data provisioning for Researchers & Universities.

Some of our Industry offerings,

Customised Reporting Services 

Our strength has always been on answering any specific market research questions you may have. We believe each question/project is different hence needs to be treated & analysed individually. Using timely Information and with an experienced analytical team, we can provide high quality Customer & Market focused analysis for your organisation. 

Australian Prescribing Report (APR)

This report enables you to analyze the whole behaviour of the targeted market by comparing your products with the competitors. Customised & Equipped with stunning Dashboards including Key Performance Indicators in the given market (KPI).

The report classifies prescriptions into Initiations, continuations and switches. It can be used to monitor product performance or competitor entry by Overall Market & by different states in order to respond quickly to market occurrences.

Market Watch Report

This report supplies "virtually live tracking" of market uptake, trends and changes within the marketplace. This report can capture the dynamics of your volatile market & the information can be delivered on a weekly basis.

WAMTC Report

PBS approved source for weighted average monthly treatment cost dosage data reports. This report will facilitate for pricing reimbursements.