SMS messaging is a simple and easy way of communicating with your patients and streamlining practice workflows. MedicalDirector Clinical and PracSoft provide practices with enhanced and documented SMS communication with patients which can assist with accreditation requirements.
4.5x cheaper than sending a letter¹ Reduce no shows

Setup is easy

MedicalDirector Blue Chip > SMS > Setup SMS Reminders.

Find out more about how to set up SMS in MedicalDirector Blue Chip

Real Benefits

Improve your appointment attendance with SMS replies

Offer patients the convenience of SMS reminders for upcoming appointments with minimal effort.

Pricing for everyone's budget

No registration, delivery report or sign up costs, with the option to auto top up or pay as you go.

SMS Bundle Price (incl. GST) Price per Message (incl. GST)
400 SMS Bundle $88 22 cents
1,000 SMS Bundle $200 20 cents
5,000 SMS Bundle $900 18 cents
10,000 SMS Bundle $1,600 16 cents
25,000 SMS Bundle $3,500 14 cents
40,000 SMS Bundle $5,000 12.5 cents
Please note: 1 SMS = 1 credit

Considerations before using SMS in your practice

Medical insurer, AVANT, has developed some handy things to remember when using SMS in your practice.

Most of these tips can be managed within your MedicalDirector Blue Chip software in just a few simple steps so your patients' personal information is protected.

1. Have an SMS messaging policy within your practice.

2. Obtain and document patient consent.

3. Limit information contained in the SMS message.

4. Have a follow up procedure in place.

5. Document SMS messages within the patient's medical record.

For more information, please refer Recommendations for SMS Messaging with Appointments, Recalls and Reminders.
1. Based on standard letter postage rates within Australia compared to the 400 SMS Bundle of 22 cents per SMS.
2. SMS logs provided by our SMS service provider, MessageNet. Any data used is in accordance to MessageNet’s privacy policy.