Knowledge Base Articles - Blue Chip


o       Appointment Book Overview for Blue Chip

o       Banking with Blue Chip

o       BC Secure User Guide

o       Bulk Bill Claiming with Blue Chip

o       Clearing Unprocessed Claims from Blue Chip

o       Configuring MedicalDirector Blue Chip Backups

o       Day Surgery User Guide for Blue Chip

o       Day Surgery with Blue Chip Installation Guide

o       Day Surgery Standalone Installation Guide

o       Derived Fees with MedicalDirector Blue Chip

o       ECG Billing with MedicalDirector Blue Chip

o       Eclipse Claiming (Gap) with Blue Chip

o       Eclipse Claiming (No Gap) with Blue Chip

o       Enabling and Reconnecting your EFTPOS Device

o       Financial Reports Guide for Blue Chip

o       Health Fund Migration for MedicalDirector Blue Chip

o       Installation Guide for Blue Chip

o       Invoicing for Assistants

o       Issuing Refunds in Blue Chip

o       Medicare Easyclaim with Blue Chip

o       Moving Your MedicalDirector Blue Chip Data to a New Server Computer

o       Patient Claiming with MedicalDirector Blue Chip

o       Performing a Silent Installation of Blue Chip

o       PKI Certificate Installation and Renewal for Blue Chip

o       Referrals and Blue Chip

o       Restoring a MedicalDirector Blue Chip Database

o       Rounding in Blue Chip

o       Routine Tasks in MedicalDirector Blue Chip

o       Sending Bulk SMS Messages

o       Setting Medicare Service Indicators - Blue Chip

o       Setting up a New MedicalDirector Blue Chip Database

o       Theatre Bookings in Blue Chip

o       Typing a Letter in Blue Chip

o       Updating Health Fund Fees in Blue Chip

o       Updating MBS-RMFS Fees in MedicalDirector Blue Chip