Updating MBS Fees in MedicalDirector PracSoft


The following instructions need only be followed once, on one computer, preferably the Server computer. For Terminal Server sites, this must be performed on the console, not via a remote session.


1.     Obtain the MBS Fees Update file:

From the MedicalDirector website (http://www.medicaldirector.com/Gp+Practice+Mgmt/Gp+Practice+Mgmt+Product+Updates/Fees+And+Pki+Certificate) locate and click the PracSoft MBS Fees update.

2.     When prompted, select the option to save the file to your computer. Note the filename and location for reference.

3.     After the file has downloaded, browse to and double-click the .exe file e.g. July2014.exe. This file does not install or update the fees for you - it simply extracts the fees files ready for importing to MedicalDirector PracSoft, as explained following. If prompted with a Windows Security Warning popup, click the Run/Yes button. You may be required to be logged into Windows as an Administrator to extract this file.

4.     When prompted, click


5.     You will be presented with a WinZip Self-Extractor prompt. The Self-Extractor will extract the MBS fees, ready for importing to MedicalDirector PracSoft. Click   to continue. The extraction will commence, and proceed quickly.


6.     Upon completion you will be prompted as to the location of the extracted Fees file. Make a note of this location – you will need it shortly. Note that the location on your computer may differ from that shown in the example below.


7.     Click to continue.

8.     Run MedicalDirector PracSoft, and log on as a user with a security level of 6 or higher.

9.     Select Setup > Fee Columns. The Fee Column Configuration window appears.


10.  Click    The MBS Fee Import window appears.


11.  Click

12.  Navigate to the location you noted earlier, and select the new fees file e.g. July2014.MBS. Note that your Windows installation may be configured to not display the .MBS file extension.

13.  With the file selected, click Open.

14.  Click  You may be prompted to confirm the Fees import. Click  to continue.

15.  You will be notified when the fees have been successfully imported.

Any fee columns that have been generated by the surgery that include formulas will need to be recalculated. Please consult the MedicalDirector PracSoft Help for instructions on recalculating fee columns.

To test that the fee update was successful, add a new Item Number by selecting Admin > Fees > [Add Item], entering one of the new Item Numbers and pressing the Tab key on your keyboard.