Account Details Window Overview


The Account Details window displays information about an Account. The number and type of options available to this window may vary, depending on the type of class.


Items of Note

Account ref

Displays the Account reference number if available. For more information refer to Setting Up File Numbers.


Displays and allows you to modify the account status. This includes closing accounts, indicating bad payers, and debt collector referrals.

Health Fund Membership

Allows you to select from the option in the drop-down box. The options are:

o       (none) - Allows you to select this option if the patient does not have a Health Fund Membership.

o       New... - Allows you to create a new Health Fund Membership for the patient.

You may also select existing Health Fund Memberships if they are available in the drop-down box.

Tick if Name Appears...

Indicate whether the patient's name as it appears on their health fund card differs to that as recorded in MedicalDirector Blue Chip. This is used in conjunction with Inpatient Medical Claiming via Eclipse. Activating this check box also reveals the 'Member Surname' and 'Member Given Name' fields for you to enter the patient's name as it appears on their health fund card.

Health Fund

Allows you to select or add a new Health Fund membership  for this patient's account.

Member Surname and Given Name

These fields are provided for you to enter the patient's name as it appears on their Health Fund card, if it differs to that already recorded in MedicalDirector Blue Chip. These fields are only available after ticking the 'Tick if name appears differently on Health Fund card' check box.

Account Name

Allows you to enter the Account name (the name that is printed on the membership card).

Membership No.

Allows you to enter a Membership number.

Ref No.

Enter the patient's Health Fund UPI Ref Number (the two-digit number on their Health Fund card).

Expiry Date

Allows you to enter or select the expiry date.

Level of Cover

Allows you to enter the level of cover.

Default Membership

Allows you to set the default membership for the patient by selecting the check box. These details are displayed in the Patient Details window.

Conduct an online patient verification for Inpatient Medical Claiming with Eclipse. Note that this button is only available for Medicare Eclipse accounts.


Displays the account contacts for the company, if given. Account contacts are configured via the General tab of the Class Setup window.

Other Details

Displays additional details configured for the account type selected.

Medicare Claimant

Displays the name of the Medicare Claimant.

Allows you to reset the balance of the account.

Allows you to change the account addressee.