Deactivating/Reactivating Non-Patient Records


User-created records, including Referring Practitioners, Parents, Debt Collectors, and Companies (which in turn includes all of the Company sub-types, such as Hospitals, Solicitors and so forth) can be easily deactivated, and if required, reactivated at a later date.

Inactive records do not appear in the Open dialogue window (from which you open records), unless you specify you wish to display them.

When marking a record as 'inactive', the record is displayed in red text throughout MedicalDirector Blue Chip, and although marked as inactive, can still be selected and used. Such records can also be opened in their inactive state and modified.

The following information explains how to deactivate/reactive user-created records.



To Deactivate a Record

1.     Open the record you wish to mark as inactive. An example of a Debt Collector's record is used below.


2.     From the Status drop-down list at the top-right of the record, select Inactive.

3.     Save the change by clicking



To Reactivate a Record

1.     From the Blue Chip main window, either

o       Click

o       Press CTRL + O

o       Select File > Open


2.     The Open window appears. Initially, records marked as inactive will not be visible.


3.     Select the type of record you wish to reactivate via the List drop-down list. The following example uses the 'Companies' type.

4.     Tick the Include Inactive check box at the bottom of the window.

Records marked as inactive will now appear in the list, highlighted in red, as shown above.


5.     Select the record you wish to reactivate, and then click  The record's details window appears. Note that in the example below, the Status drop-down list  towards the bottom of the record indicates that this record is currently 'Inactive'.


6.     Change the Status to 'Active'.

7.     Save the change by clicking