In MedicalDirector Blue Chip you can search for;



To search for an invoice, receipt, quotation, batch or account:

1.     From the MedicalDirector Blue Chip main window, either:

o       Select File > Locate

o       Press CTRL + L


The Locate window appears.


2.     Select the type of record you wish to search for.

o       If you use account file numbers, you can open an account by searching for the account reference. Select the Account Ref option, type the account ID number.

o       If you are searching for a batch, you may search by Batch ID (which is generated by MedicalDirector Blue Chip) or by Batch M/C Number (which may be entered by the user). Select the appropriate option, enter the ID or M/C number.


3.     Click to commence your search. The search may take some time, depending on the size of your MedicalDirector Blue Chip database, your system's specifications. If a result is located, it is displayed. Otherwise you will be prompted that no matching results could be found.