Set-up for Medicare Online Patient Claims


To setup Medicare Online on your Computer

1.     Ensure you have enrolled with HeSA to use Medicare Online using the application facility at

2.     Apply and receive from HeSA the necessary PKI Certificates and associated Personal Identification codes.

3.     Register the Medicare Online certificates.

4.     Setup your system to use Medicare Online. The procedure for doing this will depend on whether you are using Location Certificates only, or a combination of Location Certificates and Individual Practitioner Certificates.



Enable Blue Chip to use Medicare Australia Online

1.     Select Setup > Practice > Options from the Blue Chip main window. The Blue Chip Options window appears.


2.     Select the General tab.

3.     Select the Use Medicare Online check box.

4.     Click to exit the window and save the details.



To setup Blue Chip to use Medicare Online

Step 1. Setup a Batch Type for Medicare Online Patient Claims.

Step 2. Setup a Class for Medicare Online Patient Claims.

Step 3. Setup a Class to use a Patient Claim Batch Type.

Step 4. Setup a Practitioner to Use the Patient Claim Class.