Transferring Documents and Letters to MedicalDirector Clinical


The following information and instructions pertain only to;

o       Sites that have been using both MedicalDirector Blue Chip and MedicalDirector Clinical, synchronised via MedicalDirector Clinical's Link File Processor, or

o       Sites that have an established MedicalDirectorBlue Chip patient database, and have now installed MedicalDirector Clinical, but have not yet synchronised the two applications.


For sites with separate or otherwise different patient databases, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care for assistance.


1.     Within MedicalDirector Blue Chip select Setup > Practice > Links > Medical Director. The Medical Director Setup window appears.


2.     Ensure the Link Blue Chip to Medical Director check box is ticked.

3.     Click  You will be prompted to confirm this action. Please read the prompt carefully.


4.     If you wish to continue, click

5.     The Transfer All... window appears. It will appear empty.


6.     Click  The transfer of documents and letters from MedicalDirector Blue Chip to MedicalDirector Clinical commences, progress of which is indicated in the following window.


7.     You will be notified when the transfer is complete. Note also that at this time, scanning and importing via MedicalDirector Blue Chip's ImageLite will be disabled. Although you will still be able to view documents within MedicalDirector Blue Chip, you cannot edit them or create new ones. However, Medical Director's scanning/importing facilities are now available to you.


8.     Click to close the notification. You will be returned to the Transfer All... window.

9.     Click to exit. You will be returned to the Medical Director Setup window