Acupuncture Tab


The Acupuncture module within the Clinical Window allows you to keep records of visits where acupuncture was performed.

This module is optional, enabled/disabled via the Clinical tab of MedicalDirector Clinical's Options.


Items of interest on this window

Acupuncture Treatment Details

Displays the Acupuncture treatment details for each visit.

Condition Treated at Highlighted Visit

This is a list of the conditions that were treated at the highlighted visit. The condition is listed along with a subjective rating of its severity at that visit.

Progress of Highlighted Condition

This list shows the date and severity rating for all visits relating to the highlighted condition. This allows easy visualisation of the progress being made. Double-click on an entry in this list to display a graph of the progress of that condition.


Note that double-clicking on an entry in the Progress of Highlighted Condition field reveals a graph of the progress of the related reason for the patient's visit. For example, the graph below displays the progress of the patient's 'Shoulder', the reason selected in the Condition Treated at Highlighted Visit field.