A Comment is essentially 'frequently used text that you can insert into Progress Notes using a shortcut key combination'.

Each practitioner can store an unlimited number of Comments of up to 250 characters each, and share them with other practitioners on your network. Comments are similar to Management items, with the latter also displaying a heading when added to Progress Notes.


To Manage Comments:

1.     Select the Progress tab in the patient's Clinical Record.


2.     Click  The Add Comment window appears. The following image shows several saved comments, ready for use.

o       Insert a comment into Progress Notes by either highlighting the comment and clicking or typing the associated shortcut (the Add Comment window must be closed).

o       Add a new comment by clicking   The Add Comment window appears.

Enter the comment text (maximum of 250 characters) and a shortcut key combination for it. You can also make this comment available to all practitioners on your network by ticking the associated check box. Click to confirm.


o       Delete a comment by highlighting it and clicking

o       Edit a comment by highlighting it and clicking

o       Print all the comments by clicking