Compact Business Systems Drug Sheet


Pre-printed stationery can be obtained by contacting Compact Business Systems at


To use Compact Business Systems Drug Sheets:

1.     Select Summaries > Compact Business Systems from the patient's record. The Compact Business Systems Drug Sheet window appears.

o       Select the medication to print from the list of items displayed.

o       Click to print all medications.

o       Click to clear all selected medications.

o       Select the appropriate Format option.

o       Select the appropriate Label option.

o       Indicate whether you wish to affix a Carer/RN Instruction label.

o       Enter a start date or select a start date from the drop-down calendar in the Start date field. The drug sheet starts on the date entered.


2.     Click to print the labels.

o       If Single is selected as an option in the Label section, the Single Label window appears.

o       Enter the appropriate settings and click to print the label.