Drug Sheet Print Options


The Drug Sheet tab of Print Options allows you to adjust the layout, positioning and alignment of items printed on a practitioner's drug sheet.


To setup Drug Sheet printing:

1.     From the MedicalDirector Clinical Front Screen, select Tools > Print Options. The Print Options window appears.

2.     Select the Drug Sheet tab.


3.     Enter settings as necessary. Use the table below for guidelines. The initial settings will print the standard MedicalDirector Clinical drug sheet in portrait mode using standard fonts.

o       If you enter 0 in both the From Left and From Top fields the relevant entry will not be printed on the drug sheet.


4.     Click to save the settings and return to the Main window.


Items of interest on this window

Font Settings

The font (typeface) and size of the Header font and Body font can be changed to suit individual requirements.

Note: Changing these settings may cause items to overlap or appear in the wrong places, because of the differences in letter size and spacing of different fonts.

Layout Adjustments

Specify in millimetres the placement of printed data.

Note: Most printers have a non-printable area or margin. This margin is usually between 5 and 20 mm. If you find that text cropping occurs, adjust the positioning to suit.

Photo Size

Refers to the printed size of Patient Portrait Photographs