Family/Social Hx Tab


The recording of data on this tab is for your records. Data recorded here is available to the Letter Writer where it can be merged into letters and e-mail correspondence. Family History and Social History data will also appear on the Summary tab.



ADF Service

Indicate the patient's service (if any) with the Australian Defence Force.

A patient's service status;

  • Is displayed within the Occupation field located towards the top of the Clinical Window.

  • May affect whether you are prompted to perform an assessment for them upon opening their clinical record.

Update Address for All Family Members check box

Update the address details for other family members, with the details of the current patient. MedicalDirector Clinical uses the Head of Family. setting to determine which patients are members of the same family. This option is only available when editing Patient Details from the Clinical Window.

Auto-Capitalise Names check box

Tick the Auto-Capitalise Names check box to automatically capitalise the first letter of each word you type. There are numerous windows throughout MedicalDirector Clinical that offer this functionality, including the various Options tabs.