Immunisation Searches


This utility generates a printable list of all the Immunisations performed over a selected period of time. The printed form is accepted by Queensland Health for notification of Immunisations. If you are practicing in Queensland, the Vaccination Service Provider (VSP) number must be included on the print out. The VSP number can be entered via Practice Options.

To conduct a search of administered Immunisations:

1.     From the MedicalDirector Clinical Front Screen, select Search > Immunisations. The Immunisations List window appears.


2.     Enter your search criteria and click   Results are displayed in the Search Results window.


The following search criteria options are available

Select Interval

Allows you to specify the time interval you wish to view immunisations for. If the interval you want is not available or you wish to specify a special time interval, click the Other option in the list. The list is replaced with From and To date boxes and allows you to enter the dates required. To return to the list click the See list button.


Allows you to specify a specific Vaccinator's name. Select the All vaccinators option to view the immunisations for all Vaccinators in the practice, including practitioners that you have deleted from MedicalDirector Clinical or those that have been marked inactive.


- Indicates that the vaccinator is active.

- Indicates that the vaccinator has been flagged inactive or deleted.

Select Immunisations

Select the immunisations to view. Multiple immunisations can be selected by clicking on the various immunisation names.

Note: Only immunisations that you have administered will appear in this list.

Include Inactive and Deleted checkbox

Tick this checkbox to display practitioners that you have deleted from MedicalDirector Clinical or those that have been marked inactive.

Only Show Vaccinators

Tick this checkbox to display only those users that have administered a vaccination.

On Behalf Of checkbox

Tick this box to perform a search for immunisations performed on behalf of the selected practitioner. For example, a nurse may perform the immunisation for the practitioner, or one practitioner may perform the immunisation whilst another is away.

Exclude if Previously Printed

If this option is selected, any immunisation records that have been printed in the past are ignored.

Select All

Selecting this option highlights all items in the list. You can remove the highlight from individual items (by clicking them) that you do not wish to appear on the printouts.

Exclude If Not Given Here

If the immunisation was not given at this surgery it is excluded from the list.

Over 65/ATSI 50 and Over

Selecting this option only searches for immunisation of patient's over 65 years of age, or 50 and over if they have been marked as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Results show only those immunisations for this age range.

Childhood Immunisations Only

Selecting this option modifies the immunisation list so that only childhood immunisation are selected. You can then select extra items or clear items you do not wish to appear on the printouts. Results show only those patients 18 years of age or younger.

Note: When selecting Childhood Immunisation, any highlighted items are cleared before the childhood immunisations are highlighted.

Show Only Declined Immunisations

Tick this check box to display only those immunisations where the patient was flagged as being eligible for or due for, where the patient has subsequently declined the immunisation.

Once you have selected the interval, practitioner(s), and immunisation(s), click OK to create a list of name and immunisation details. The list is displayed on window, click the Print button to print a copy. Use the Generate List button at the top of the window to change the details you wish to search for.

Cancels the current selection and returns to the immunisation list.


You can remove items from the result list by highlighting the item and then pressing the DELETE key on your keyboard. This action does not remove the item from the database.