Importing ECGs via HL7 Results


This topic refers specifically to importing ECG trace documents in PDF form,  from an HL7 result sent to you from your laboratory. When a laboratory

You can also import an ECG;

o       Manually, by scanning it via the Documents tab of the Clinical window.

o       Via a supported ECG device, using Medical Director's Tool Box.



Before You Begin

o       Ensure you are registered for MD Exchange. See Registering MD Exchange for detailed instructions.

o       Ensure you have elected to participate in MD Exchange. Select Tools > MD Exchange > Setup User Profiles and check your participation setting.

o       Ensure you have informed your laboratory that you wish to receive copies of ECG traces electronically. Currently this service is provided by Laverty, Dorevitch, and Western’s Diagnostic Pathology.



Viewing the ECG Trace

The trace can be viewed like any other result within the practitioner’s Holding File. Start by selecting the patient’s ECG result.  A preview of the trace can be viewed within the preview window. In the example following, right preview is selected. Double-click the result, or select Preview – Full to see an expanded view. Once assigned to a patient, the result will appear in their record.



Toggling between the Report and the Trace

After opening the ECG result, the report can be viewed by selecting View RTF. The trace can be viewed by selecting View PDF.



Opening and Printing the ECG Trace

From the preview window you can also click Open Externally to open the trace PDF in a new window (using Adobe Reader).  To print the trace, simply select File > Print, or from the task bar Print option within Adobe Reader.



Will I still receive the ECG Trace by Fax/Courier?

o       If the result is urgent, and you have not viewed the result within an hour via MedicalDirector Clinical, you will receive the ECG result and trace by fax/courier.

o       If the result is not urgent, and you have not accessed the result within 24hrs on MedicalDirector Clinical, you will also receive the ECG result and trace by fax/courier.

o       Any result you have viewed within MedicalDirector Clinical will not be sent to you by fax/courier.