Inactive, Deceased or Deleted Patients


In MedicalDirector Clinical, patients are considered deleted when they are flagged as either:

o       Inactive,

o       Deceased, or

o       Permanently Deleted.


Patients can be deleted from MedicalDirector Clinical by:

o       Selecting Patient > Open from the MedicalDirector Clinical main screen or pressing F2 to open the Select Patient from List window, highlighting the patient in question, and pressing

o       Selecting Patient > List from the MedicalDirector Clinical main screen, or pressing F10 to open the Patient Database, highlighting the patient in question and pressing

o       Merging patient records, at which time one record is discarded (and deleted) after its data has been merged with that of another

o       Deleting the patient from within MedicalDirector PracSoft; as both MedicalDirector Clinical and MedicalDirector PracSoft share the same patient database, changes made to a patient record in one application are reflected in the other


It is important to note that patient records are not recoverable in the case of a patient merge. In all other cases, patient records are only 'flagged' as deleted in the underlying patient database, and can be restored via the Patient Reviver utility, which is part of the MedicalDirector Maintenance Suite.


Patients that have been deleted as the result of a patient merge may possibly be restored, but only after the examination of your database by MedicalDirector Data Repair Technicians.