Inserting Other Files into a Letter


It is possible to insert the contents of another document into your letter. This is a convenient way of adding content from another document without having to copy-paste the information from one application to another.

When inserting other files into a letter, compatible file formats will be offered to you. You can select other file types if you desire, but there is no guarantee that Letter Writer will be able to interpret the file and/or its content correctly. Furthermore, although you may select a file type from one of the recommended list, some of the file's content may not be compatible with Letter Writer.

To insert the contents of another file:

1.     Position the insert point in the letter where the object is to be inserted.

2.     Select Insert > File. The Import window appears.


3.     Browse to and select the file to import.

o       (Optional) Use the Files of Type list to select from compatible file formats.


4.     Click to insert the file into the letter. The file is inserted as text that can be edited in the normal manner.