Linking MedicalDirector Clinical with MedicalDirector PracSoft


This information explains the procedure for linking MedicalDirector Clinical with MedicalDirector PracSoft. Linking the two products enables patient demographic changes to be transferred between them. You can also transfer patient immunisation data. The following information is suitable only for sites using Medical Director 3.4x or later with PracSoft 3.4x or later. It is not suitable for sites with earlier versions of either application.

The following steps are to be performed on the Server computer only unless otherwise advised by a MedicalDirector Customer Care Officer.


This setup routine is divided into two sections:

o       MedicalDirector Clinical

o       MedicalDirector PracSoft



 Section 1 - MedicalDirector Clinical (SERVER)

1.     Run MedicalDirector Clinical.

2.     From the MedicalDirector Clinical Main Screen select Tools > Options.

3.     Select the Links tab.


4.     Tick the Link to billing package checkbox.

5.     Select the Link to MedicalDirector PracSoft 3 option.

6.     (Optional) Tick the Create Immunisations checkbox if you wish to transfer patient immunisations information to MedicalDirector PracSoft.

7.     Click to exit the Options window. This concludes the setup in MedicalDirector Clinical.



Section 2 - MedicalDirector PracSoft (SERVER)

1.     Run MedicalDirector PracSoft.

2.     From the MedicalDirector PracSoft Waiting Room, select the Medical Director Menu > MD Link Options.


3.     In the MedicalDirector Clinical Link Options window, tick the Link to MD3 checkbox.

4.     (Optional) Tick the Read Immunisations (AIR) Data checkbox if you wish to read patient immunisation data from MedicalDirector Clinical.

5.     Click and click to the confirmation prompt. MedicalDirector Clinical and MedicalDirector PracSoft are now linked.