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The Lists tab of MedicalDirector Clinical Options allows you to customise the information that displays on various selection lists throughout MedicalDirector Clinical.


Items of interest on this window

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Select from the following options:


Address Book Categories


Items added to this list display as categories in the Address book and its various entry forms.

  • MedicalDirector Clinical comes supplied with numerous categories, hard-coded. You can add/remove user-defined categories, but you cannot modify the pre-defined set.

  • If you delete a category that is in use by an addressee, the addressee in question will retain the category reference. However, the deleted category will no longer be available to new addressees.

  • User-defined category text can be of mixed case. However, the first letter will always default to upper-case.

  • If you discover that different users have added user-defined categories that are similar to each other, and you would prefer that these categories were merged into a single category definition, you can perform a merge via the Merge Clinical Lists utility within MedicalDirector Maintenance.

  • When you add or delete a category, the change occurs immediately, and independently of the Save/Cancel buttons on this window.


Special dose quantities that display in the Dose list of the Enter Dose dialogue window when prescribing.


Special frequency instructions that display in the Frequency list of the Enter Dose dialogue window when prescribing.


Special instructions that display in the Instruction list of the Enter Dose dialogue window when prescribing.

Pathology Request

These items are displayed within the Request list for all Pathology providers on the Pathology Request form.

Radiology Request

The list of Imaging requests that are displayed when the 'User defined' option button is selected in the Medical Imaging Request dialogue window.

Visit Type

The Progress Tab in the patient's record includes a drop-down list of visit types, from which you can indicate the type of visit for a given consultation. Such options include 'Home Visit Consultation', 'Nursing Home Consultation', 'Surgery Consultation', 'Email', 'SMS', and more.


The Visit Type list here allows you to manage customised entries that you may wish to add.


You can select the default visit type via Progress Notes Options.


You can enable/disable this prompt via Progress Notes Options.

Deletes a selected item.

Allows you to add an item to a list. Click the Add button to save the entry.