MDExchange Tab


Messages sent or awaiting transmission via MDExchange reside in the MDExchange Outbox (MDExchange tab), as shown in the following image. This list automatically refreshes periodically.

Messages shown on the MDExchange tab of the patient's Clinical Window are specific to that patient.


The list of messages can be filtered to show all messages, or those:

o       Awaiting Transmission – The message is in the local practice database, waiting to be sent.

o       Sent – The message has been uploaded to the MDExchange Servers in the data centre. The message no longer resides at the practice.

o       Received – The recipient practice has downloaded the message successfully.

o       Accepted – The recipient practice has successfully parsed the HL7 message.

o       Read – The message has been viewed and actioned in the receiver's MedicalDirector Clinical holding file.

o       Decryption Failed – The recipient was unable to decrypt the message. This may happen if they have lost their certificates.

o       Signature Failed – The recipient was unable to verify the signature on the message.

o       Rejected – The recipient practice was unable to parse the HL7 message.

o       Recipient Not Found – The recipient the message was addressed to could not be found as a user at the practice.

o       Message Never Uploaded to server – The message never left the user's practice - it expired locally before it could be uploaded. This could be due to the practice not establishing an internet connection to allow upload.

o       Expired On Server – The recipient practice never downloaded the message from the server.

o       Sent to specific recipients

o       Sent by specific practitioners

o       About specific patients