Managing User-Defined Lists


There are a number of user-defined lists you can create for use within various sections of the Surgical Audit Tool. Such lists can include lists of Facilities (Hospitals, Consulting Rooms etc), Procedures, Team Members and so on.

User-Defined lists are managed in two ways:

o       Via the User-Defined Lists window, accessible via Tools > SAT > Edit User-Defined Lists, or

o       On-the-fly, via the various sections of the Surgical Audit Tool. For example, if you are recording a new operation and in the middle of your recording you need to add a new procedure (one you haven't recorded before), you can simply add it on-the-fly, without having to cancel the operation recording.


The first method has the advantage of being able to see all your User-Defined lists in one location. To manage User-Defined Lists this way, from the patient's Clinical Window, select Tools > SAT > Edit User-Defined Lists. Use the Edit User-Defined Lists window to create/manage your lists, after which they will be available via the Surgical Audit Tool.