MDExchange Certificate Backup and Restore


When performing a MedicalDirector Backup, the MDExchange database is included automatically. However a total backup of MDExchange also includes the MDExchange-generated PKI certificates, which are not included in the MedicalDirector Backup, and therefore must be backed-up manually.

These certificates are located in the certificate store of the practice Server computer, and the backup must be performed from this computer to be successful.


To backup these certificates:

1.     Follow the instructions for To Manage Certificates for a Computer.  After following these instructions you will be able to see the practice Server's certificate store, which includes the certificates generated by MDExchange.

2.     To complete the MDExchange backup procedure, follow the To Export a Certificate with the Private Key instructions.  These instructions must be followed for each certificate issued by MedicalDirector and where the Issued To field is prefixed with MDX. This process generates a backup of each certificate as a file, protected by a password provided by you.


To restore these certificates:

You must again open the certificate store as detailed above. Then use the instructions To Import a Certificate.

To import the certificate into the computer store (select this specifically, do not windows automatically select where the certificate is to be placed). After completing the Certificate Import Wizard, the certificate should be visible in the store.