microQuark Spirometer


Configuring the Device

The device software must be installed to C:\PFTSUITE



Performing a Test in MedicalDirector Clinical

1.     Select Tools > Tool Box > Respiratory Function from the patient's Clinical window. The Respiratory tab appears.


2.     Click to use the microQuark Spirometer device to record values.

3.     Click

The Available Spirometer Machines window is displayed if more than one device is installed. Select the device you wish to use from this window.



4.     Conduct the test in the device software.

5.     Close the software when you have finished. MedicalDirector Clinical imports the test results into the Respiratory tab.


Using the Graph View

o       Click to display the patient's record in graph format. Use the scroll bar to view different sections of the graph.

o       Click to print the sections of the graph displayed on the screen.

o       Click to close the Graph window and return to patient's Clinical window.



Device Support

JLM Accutek Health Care P/L

Unit 44, 11-21 Underwood Road
NSW 2140

1300 793 755

1300 793 018