New Pregnancies


New pregnancies can only be recorded for patients that are not flagged as currently pregnant; for such patients the New Pregnancy button will be unavailable.


To record a new pregnancy:

1.     Select the Obstetric tab in the patient's Clinical Window.


2.     Click  The Gestational Age Calculator appears.

Gestational age can be calculated by:

o       Selecting the By LMP option, and then selecting a date from the calendar. The Gestational Age will be calculated automatically, or

o       Selecting the By Scan option, and then selecting a date from the calendar. You can then enter values for estimated Weeks and Days as derived from the scan, after which you must click to update the figures.


3.     Click to confirm your selections. The Pregnancy Details window appears.

o       Confirm the Pregnancy Number. By default this number will increment, based on the number of the last pregnancy. This number refers to how many times the patient has been pregnant, not necessarily how many pregnancies you have recorded in MedicalDirector Clinical.

o       Ensure the LMP and EDC or EDC-by-Scan dates are correct. This information is used to calculate the estimated pregnancy finish date, after which upon opening the patient's record, you will be prompted to confirm whether the patient is still pregnant.

o       Enter the LMP cycle data for your records, if desired.


4.     Click to confirm your data. The new pregnancy will be recorded and saved to the patient's record. You can now record antenatal visits.