Opening a Patient's Record



1.     Select Patient > Open or type F2 to open the Select Patient from List window.

Initially this window appears empty unless you are linked to MedicalDirector PracSoft, in which case it will be populated with any patients who are currently in the MedicalDirector PracSoft Waiting Room. Such patients will appear in green text, as shown in the example above. Note that you must have Medical Director linked to MedicalDirector PracSoft in order to activate this functionality.


2.     Locate the patient record you wish to open by either:

o       Searching by Patient Name

o       Searching by Chart Number

o       Searching by Phone Number


3.     (Optional) To display patients who have been marked as inactive, tick the Include Inactive Patients check box. Inactive patients are displayed in red.

4.     To open the patient record, either:

o       Double-click the patient's name

o       Highlight their name and click

o       Highlight their name and press the ENTER key


5.     If the patient's record is already in use by another user, you will be prompted accordingly and given the options to either continue to open the patient's record in read-only mode, or to cancel the operation.

In read-only mode you will be presented with a snapshot of the patient's record, as taken at the moment you open it. While you have the record open in read-only mode, you will not be able to make changes to it, and you may not see changes made by other users.


6.     MedicalDirector Clinical opens the patient's record, displaying the Clinical Window.

7.     (Optional) If the patient does not have any current medications (i.e. nothing recorded on the Current Rx tab), you may be prompted to confirm this by ticking the Not Taking Any Medications check box (located at the bottom-left of the Current Rx tab). You can configure how often you would like this prompt to appear via Prompt/Preventive Health Options.