Pap Test Tab


The Pap Test module is available to female and gender-neutral patients who have reached a pre-defined age (15 years or older by default, but can be adjusted via Clinical Options).

Recorded pap tests for the patient display the date of the test, the result, and whether endocervical cells and/or HPV changes were present.

Items of interest on this window


Displays the date the pap test was performed.


Displays the result of the pap test.

EndoCx Cells

Displays whether endocervical cells were present in the pap test.


Displays whether there were HPV changes present in the pap test.


Displays any comments recorded for the pap test.

Last Pap Test Date

Displays the last pap test date.

Exclude this Patient From Future Pap Test Prompts/Recalls

Excludes this patient from future pap test prompts or recalls.