Clinical Data Statistics


The Clinical Data Statistics search shows you the percentage of active patients who have current data recorded for;

o       Allergies / Adverse Drug Reactions

o       Medications

o       Past Medical History


Reference: RACGP Standards for general practices (4th edition) :

  1. Our practice can demonstrate that at least 90% of our active patient health records contain a record of known allergies.

  2. Our practice can demonstrate that at least 75% of our active patient health records contain a current health summary. A satisfactory summary includes, where appropriate:

  1. Our practice has documented standardised clinical terminology (such as coding) which the practice team uses to enable data collection for review of clinical practice.

From the MedicalDirector Clinical Front Screen, select Clinical > Clinical Data Statistics. The Clinical Data Statistics window appears.

To print a list of patients for whom this information has not been recorded, indicate which conditions you wish to filter for by ticking the associated check box(es), and then click the Patient Details button.

From this window you can;

  • Create a Recall notification for a selected patient. ERROR: Variable (Recall_Management) is undefined.

  • Save the list to an external file.

  • Print the list.

  • Print mail-out labels for the list.

  • Print a letter for each patient (mail merge).


Print the list of statistic.