Preventive Health


This module provides assistance in identifying and preventing issues and potential problems by making suggestions or recommending actions. The recommendations are based on information currently stored (or absent) from the patient's record.

The following image is an example of a Preventive Health Prompt that appears upon opening a patient's record.


To customise preventive health prompting for a particular patient:

1.     From the specific patient's Clinical Window, select Clinical > Preventive Health Prompts. The Preventive Health window appears, as seen above.

2.     Click

o       At this stage you can choose to disable this prompt for this patient by ticking the associated check box. Note that it is also possible to disable this prompt for all patients via Prompt Options.


3.     The Preventive Health Prompts window appears.


4.     Double-click a prompt to enable/disable it.

5.     Click to confirm your selection.