Printing and Exporting Reports


MedicalDirector Stats reports can be printed by selecting either File > Print or by clicking the Print icon on the MedicalDirector Stats tool bar. You can also preview a report before printing it by selecting File > Print Preview.

MedicalDirector Stats will print to any printer installed on your computer. For printer-specific instructions, please refer to the Help documentation for your printing device.

At the time of this writing, when printing from the Show All Pages view, not all records are printed.  In order to print all records, you must print each page individually, or export the data to a CSV file, then import it into another application (e.g. Microsoft Excel) and print from there.


Report data can be exported as a Text file, or as comma-separated-values in a .CSV file, by selecting File > Export. Exported files have a default naming convention of '<report title> yyyymmdd_hhmmss'.