Requests - Cervical Cytology


Cervical Cytology Requests are available to female and gender-neutral patients who have reached a pre-defined age (15 years or older by default, but this can be adjusted via Clinical Options).


To generate a Cervical Cytology request form:

1.     Click in the toolbar of the patient's Clinical Window.

2.     The Cervical Cytology Request window appears.


3.     Use the following table as a guide to completing the Request form, clicking when you are ready to submit the information.


Items of note on the Cervical Cytology Request window


If your pathology laboratory does not appear in the Provider list, you need to add it to the Address Book. Hint: If you enter this information via Investigations Options you can also set your preferred provider at the same time.

Copy to

If copies of the result are to be sent to any other practitioners (usually specialists), select them from the Copy To list. A maximum of three addresses can be printed on the request form. The names in this list come from the Address Book.

Is used to generate a copy for a practitioner not present (or normally required) in the Address Book.

Appearance of cervix

These options become available upon ticking the Cervix check box in the Site section.

Conventional/Thin Prep option

You can set this option to default to 'Thin Prep' via Investigations Options.

Send to ... Pap Test Register

If the Yes check box is selected, the laboratory will send details of the request to the Pap Test Register in the state of the patient's residence.

If the No check box is selected, the request is marked with NOT for Pap Test Register.

Note: You cannot print the request until one of these check boxes is selected.

Click this button to examine the patient's Gynae entries in the History and Examination sections of their Progress Notes. These can be added to or modified if required, with changes being saved back to the patient's Progress Notes.

Include Gynae notes on request

Select this check box if you need to add the details from the 'Gynae' section in the Progress Notes to the request form.

Allows you to access eOrders - a system for securely ordering SDS-based pathology and cytology requests electronically. This button is only available if you have selected a SDS-based laboratory via the Provider drop-down list.

See eOrders - Overview

See Investigations Options for information about configuring providers.

To request other tests for the patient click the Other button and select the tests using the same technique as when completing a pathology request. Common pathology requests are listed.

 Cytology requests are formatted to print on pre-printed stationery only. Unlike printing Pathology Requests, there is no option to print on plain paper.