Summary, Supplied and User-Defined Templates



The following templates are provided with MedicalDirector Clinical.

Note that neither Summary nor Supplied templates can be renamed, but they can be modified and then saved as different templates. If you save a template under a different name (i.e. you create a new template), when you next wish to create a new letter based on it, it will be located on the User Defined tab. See Creating and Modifying Templates for more information.


Summary Templates

o       Antenatal Record

o       Complete Record

o       Complete Record - Female

o       Full History

o       Full Summary

o       Full Summary - Female

o       Health Summary

o       Immunisations

o       Investigations

o       Limited History

o       Medications

o       Progress Notes

o       Recall Summary



Supplied Templates

o       Adelaide Cardiology - Request Form

o       ADF Post-discharge GP Health Assessment

o       Arthritis Recall

o       Case Conference (2012)

o       Centrelink Medical Certificate

o       Chicken Pox 'At Risk' Recall Letter

o       CogHealth Memory Monitoring Offer

o       Comcare Certificate of Capacity

o       Dextropropoxyphene Prescriber Confirmation Form

o       DMMR-Plan (Home Medicines Review) (Aug 2012)

o       DMMR-Referral (Home Medicines Review)

o       DVA D904 Form (Aug 2012)

o       DVA Direct Order Form - Continence Products

o       GP Management Plan (721) (Aug 2012)

o       GP Management Plan Review (732) (Aug 2012)

o       GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (Adult)

o       GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (Child)

o       GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (Min Req)

o       GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (SOAP)

o       GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (27xx)

o       GP Mental Health Treatment Plan - Review (2712)

o       Hearing Services Program Medical Certificate

o       HeartCare Partners - Cardiology Request

o       HeartCare Victoria - Heart Failure Mgmt Clinic

o       HeartCare Victoria - Request Form

o       HeartCare WA - Referral Form

o       Hospital Emergency Dept Attendance (Aug 2012)

o       Hospital In-Patient Admission (Aug 2012)

o       Hospital Out-Patient Admission (Aug 2012)

o       Medical Assessment - 45 to 49yrs Female (Aug 2012)

o       Medical Assessment - 45 to 49yrs Male (Aug 2012)

o       Medical Assessment - ATSI 55yrs+ (Aug 2012)

o       Medical Assessment - ATSI Adult (Aug 2012)

o       Medical Assessment - ATSI Child (Aug 2012)

o       Medical Assessment - Comprehensive (2012)

o       Medical Assessment - Healthy Kids (4yrs)

o       Medical Assessment - Intellectual Disability

o       Medical Certificate

o       Mental Health - K10

o       Mental Health Assessment

o       Mental Health Plan

o       Mental Health Review

o       NSW - Cremation Certificate

o       NSW - S8 Authority Request

o       NSW - WorkCover

o       NT Final Work Health Certificate

o       NT First Work Health Certificate

o       NT Progress Work Health Certificate

o       Patient Consent Form - for a referral (Aug 2012)

o       PRN Drug Chart (Aug 2012)

o       Qld Workers Comp Medical Certificate

o       Recall Letter - < 65 At Risk Flu (Aug 2012)

o       Recall Letter - < 65 At Risk Pneumo (Aug 2012)

o       Recall Letter - > 65 Flu & Pneumo (Aug 2012)

o       Recall Letter - > 65 Flu (Aug 2012)

o       Recall Letter - COPD (Aug 2012)

o       Recall Letter - Implanon (Aug 2012)

o       Recall Letter - PAP - non attend unsatisfactory

o       Recall Letter - PAP - re attend for unsatisfactory

o       Recall Letter - PAP - Specialist non attend abn

o       Recall Letter - PAP recall (Aug 2012)

o       Recall Letter - Prevenar 13 Supp Dose (Aug 2012)

o       Recall Letter - Standard (Aug 2012)

o       Referral Form - AHS Follow-up for ATSI

o       Referral Form - AHS under Medicare (Diabetes T2)

o       Referral Form - Allied Health Serv under Medicare

o       Referral Form - Bloom Hearing Specialists

o       Referral Form - Dental Services under Medicare

o       Referral Form - Diabetes QLD - My Health for Life

o       Referral Form - Genesis Sleep Care

o       Referral Form - Genesis Sleep&Respiratory Care WA

o       Referral Form - Get Healthy NSW

o       Referral Form - Go4Fun - NSW

o       Referral Form - Healthcare Imaging Services NSW

o       Referral Form - Healthcare Imaging Services VIC

o       Referral Form - IMET for ADHD (Aug 2012)

o       Referral Form - IMET for Chronic Pain (Aug 2012)

o       Referral Form - OptiHeart - Ringwood

o       Referral Form - Quitline Fax

o       Referral Form - Quitline Victoria

o       Referral Form - Regal P/L Allied Health

o       Referral Form - Regal P/L Community Nurse

o       Referral Form - Southern Heart Centre NSW

o       Referral Form - The Wesley Breast Clinic

o       Referral Form - WCH

o       Referral Form - WentWest Primary Mental Health

o       Referral Letter - Abnormal Smear (Aug 2015)

o       Referral Letter - inc Progress Note (Aug 2015)

o       Referral Letter - Standard (Aug 2015)

o       Referral Letter - to Ophthalmic - Routine

o       Repeat Smear unsatisfactory

o       RMMR - Referral

o       RMMR Plan (Aug 2012)

o       Standard Smear recall

o       Stroke Medication Review (Aug 2012)

o       TAS - Worker's Compensation 1

o       TAS - Worker's Compensation 2

o       TCA Coordinate (723) (Aug 2012)

o       TCA Review (732) (Aug 2102)

o       Travel Med's Letter (Aug 2012)

o       VIC - GP Referral (March 2013)

o       VIC - State wide Referral From Maternity v2.31

o       VIC - State wide Referral From Osteo v2.31

o       VIC - State wide Referral From Urology v2.31

o       VIC WorkCover & TAC - Certificate of Capacity

o       WA - WorkCover Final certificate of capacity

o       WA - WorkCover First certificate of capacity

o       WA - WorkCover Progress certificate of capacity



User-defined Templates

o       Blank Letter

o       Blank Template





o       CDA e-Referral

o       CDA Event Summary

o       CDA Shared Health Summary

o       CDA Specialist Letter