Surgical Tab


The Surgical Audit Tool is available from within a patient's record via the SAT Tab. From this tab it is possible to Create or Modify operations, or Remove previously-recorded operations.

You may wish to remove a recorded operation if for example you had recorded it within an incorrect patient record. If you choose to remove an operation a Progress Note of your action will be recorded within the patient's recorded.



Creating Operations

A possible workflow that includes use of the Surgical Audit Tool is as follows:

1.     A practitioner performs the actual operation on a patient.

2.     After this operation has been performed, the practitioner views the list of operation records for this patient, from the SAT tab within MedicalDirector Clinical.

3.     The practitioner then creates a new operation record. This is done by selecting the SAT tab in the patient's Clinical Window, and then clicking

4.     Subsequent to this, the practitioner may have a consult with the patient:

o       The practitioner will make a Progress Notes entry.

o       The practitioner may determine that a presenting problem relates to an operation. The practitioner will view the list of operation records and edit the relevant record.


5.     The practitioner may generate pre-defined and user-defined reports for a sole practitioner or for all practitioners.

The Surgical Audit Tool is available as a separate licence to MedicalDirector Clinical. For licensing inquiries, please contact MedicalDirector. The Surgical Audit Tool is installed separately to MedicalDirector Clinical, and is available for selection when you run the MedicalDirector Clinical Installation Wizard.