Tool Bars and Buttons on the Clinical Window


Adds a new item, relative to the currently-active tab.

Deletes the currently-selected item.

Creates a prescription.

Opens the Physical Activity module.

Opens the Letter Writer.

Opens the Address Book.

Opens the Smoking tab in the Patient Details window.

Opens the Cardiovascular Risk Calculator.

Opens the Blood Pressure module.

Opens the Respiratory module.

Opens the Weight Calculator.

Opens the Gestational Age Calculator.

Opens the Pathology Request module.

Opens the Cervical Cytology Request module.

Opens the Medical Imaging Requests module.

Opens the MDref Explorer window.

Opens the Product Information browser.

Opens the Independent Drug Monograph browser.

Opens the Consumer Medicines Information browser.

Opens the Travel Medicine browser.

Opens the Patient Education Leaflet browser.

Allows you to print the current page in the selected tab.

Allows you to close the current patient record.

Allows you to open the next patient record.

Allows you to return to MedicalDirector PracSoft Billing Package.

Opens MedicalDirector Stats.

Opens the SMS Reminder log.

Allows you to enter your search criteria and click the Go MDReference button. This opens the MDReference web site and displays online health information based on the text entered.

 If this feature is not visible, it will be because you have made it available as a widget for the MedicalDirector Sidebar instead.

Allows you to open the MedicalDirector web site.

Opens this MedicalDirector Clinical Help menu.

Opens Letter Writer, and commences a new Medical Certificate.

Allows you to record two URL addresses for the web sites you wish to open. These can be configured via General Options.