Updating Pap Test Definitions


The date on which a patient's last pap test was recorded is used by MedicalDirector Clinical for numerous functions, including:

o       Determining when a patient should receive a Preventive Health prompt for pap tests,

o       Determining whether a Preventive Health warning for pap tests should appear in the patient's Summary tab,

o       The Last Pap Test date field of a Health Assessment.


MedicalDirector Clinical determines which recorded pap test is the latest by comparing a pre-defined list of pap test-related test names with test results in the Investigations Results tab and Pap Tests tab of a patient's record.

Whilst this method is effective, it is not foolproof. For example, you might receive a pathology result for a pap test from your laboratory, where they have used a custom test name that MedicalDirector Clinical is unaware of. Whilst you might understand that the result is for a pap test (having discussed it with your laboratory), unless you specifically tell MedicalDirector Clinical the custom test name, it will not take the name into consideration when searching for the latest pap test.

You can account for this, by specifying which tests MedicalDirector Clinical should take into consideration, as explained following.


To manage the Pap Test test-names list:

1.     From the MedicalDirector Clinical front screen, select Clinical > Pap Test Results > Update Last Pap Test List. The Pap Test Update window appears.


2.     Click to add an item (test) name to the list. You can also edit and delete items in the list.

3.     Click to confirm.