ePIP Shared Health Summary Calculator


About the ePIP Shared Health Summary Calculator

As from May 2016 the new eligibility requirement is for general practices to contribute Shared Health Summaries to the My Health Record system for their patients. General practices will be required to upload Shared Health Summaries for a minimum of 0.5% of the practice’s standardised whole patient equivalent (SWPE) to be eligible for the PIP eHealth Incentive payment.  Source: https://myhealthrecord.gov.au/internet/mhr/publishing.nsf/Content/news-003.

To assist with this requirement, MedicalDirector has developed a new ePIP Shared Health Summary Calculator widget, available to the MedicalDirector Sidebar. The ePIP Shared Health Summary Calculator enables the practice to track compliance with the quarterly eHealth Practice Incentives Program (PIP) for Shared Health Summary uploads to My Health Record service.


Installing the Widget

1.     From the MedicalDirector Clinical front screen, click the Sidebar Settings button This is located at the top-right of the window.

2.     Select Check for New/Updated Widgets. The Available New and Updated Widgets window appears.

3.     Locate and select the ePIP Shared Health Summary Calculator widget.


4.     Click The widget is downloaded and installed.

5.     You will be prompted when complete. Click on the Installation Complete window.

6.     If prompted as shown below, restart MedicalDirector Clinical.

The widget will now be accessible within the Sidebar.



Using the Widget

1.     Use the Standard Whole Patient Equivalent (SWPE) count from the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) Quarterly Payment Advice letter provided by Department of Human Services (DHS).

2.     Enter the SWPE count to the appropriate PIP Quarterly Period.


3.     Check the result of SHS minimum upload target and SHS Practice upload.

o       A green background in the SHS Practice Upload field indicates that the minimum SHS upload quota has been met.


o       A red background indicates that the minimum SHS upload quota has not been met.



o       To refresh the SHS Practice upload count click

o       The last SWPE count entered will be the default value.

o       Please see Practice Incentives Program eHealth Incentive Requirements for more information.



Location Distribution

The ePIP Shared Health Summary Calculator also provides a facility for viewing the distribution of Shared Health Summaries you have uploaded, per location.

Using the example below, we can see that this practice has uploaded 4 Shared Health Summaries for August.


By clicking on the value in the SHS Practice upload column (in this example the '4' ), we can display a table showing the distribution of uploads per location.

In our example, the table indicates;

o       There were 4 uploads in total

o       3 of those uploads were performed by Dr A Practitioner, operating out of two locations; ‘Practice Branch 1’ and ‘Practice Branch 2’

o       1 of those uploads was performed by Dr I Feelgood, operating out of a location called ‘Practice Branch 1'


Note: The Location data is sourced from the Location field in the practitioner's record in PracSoft. For practitioners that do not have anything recorded in this field, or for sites that do not use PracSoft, the location field in the above table will read "N/A".