Adding, Editing and Deleting Fees


Medicare Australia releases MBS Fee updates from time-to-time throughout the year. Twice a year, MedicalDirector bundles these updates and makes them available to users, for downloading and importing to MedicalDirector PracSoft. However, you may not wish to wait for MedicalDirector's fee release, or you may wish to create or modify a customised fee.

To account for this, MedicalDirector PracSoft provides a facility for adding, editing, deleting and reactivating fees, as explained following. Furthermore, MedicalDirector PracSoft displays only a fraction of the total number of fees available - you can also use te instructions below to display those fees not shown by default.

Adding, editing and deleting fees occurs via the Fee Listing window, accessed by selecting Admin > Fees.



Adding or Reactivating Fees

Use the following instructions to;

o       Add a fee supplied by Medicare Australia, made available after a MedicalDirector release

o       Reveal a fee not displayed by default

o       Add a customised fee for your surgery

o       Reactivate a fee you have deleted


1.     Select Admin > Fees to open the Fee Listing window.

2.     Click   A new fee row appears at the bottom of the list of fees.

3.     Begin entering the fee's definition by starting with the item number. This can be either:

o       An item number supplied by Medicare Australia, or

o       A customised number.


4.     Press the tab key on your keyboard to move to the next field.

o       If the number you have entered is a customised, non-Medicare item number, enter a description for the fee and enter the fee amount(s) into each relevant column. For customised fee numbers it is recommended that you do not add an amount to any Medicare Australia columns (Schedule Fee, Rebates, etc) as this customised fee will be surgery-specific, and cannot be billed to Medicare Australia. If the number you have entered is a genuine Medicare Australia Fee number, the description and fee columns will automatically populate with data Medicare Australia supply. This will also populate any surgery-created fee columns if you have a formula only - if there is no formula, you must enter your fee amount manually.

o       Note also that a message may appear indicating that the data will be truncated - this simply refers to 'description' text too long for the Description field. Click to automatically shorten the description.


5.     Click to save your changes.



Deleting Fees

1.     Select Admin > Fees to open the Fee Listing window.

2.     Locate and select the item number.

3.     Click  You will be asked to confirm this action.