Bank Accounts


1.     Select Setup > Bank Accounts. The Bank Account Setup window appears.

o       To edit an existing bank account, select the account and click

o       To delete a bank account, select the account and click


2.     Click to add a bank account. The Bank Account Details window appears.


3.     Insert the following details:

o       Account Code: Maximum of 3 characters.

o       Description: Printed at the top of your banking summary.

o       Merchant ID: Supplied by TYRO, for use with EFTPOS Auto or Medicare Easyclaim.

Additional Information:

         Each practitioner can have their own bank account, or they can choose to share accounts.

         If a Practitioner has their own bank account, it is useful to use the same code as their User ID for the bank account, e.g. the Practitioner's initials - see Security Levels.

         You may add as many bank accounts as you wish.

         Bank Account details can be reviewed later via Setup > Bank Accounts.


4.     Click  and then