Deleting Claims (Same-Day Delete)

Real-time patient claims sent to Medicare Australia can be deleted on the same day that they have been sent.

o       Any deletion must be authorised by the patient/claimant.

o       Same-day deletions can only be performed during the Medicare Australia supported hours.

o       Any claim that has been referred to an operator may not be available for immediate same-day deletion.

o       Same-day delete can only be used on the same business day the transmission was sent to Medicare Australia (it cannot be used to delete stored patient claims).


To perform a Same-Day Deletion:

1.     Select Processing > Online Patient Claiming > Same Day Delete. The Same Day Delete window appears. This displays patient claims that have been sent to Medicare Australia today.


2.     Select the claim to be deleted by ticking the associated check box.

3.     Indicate a reason for the deletion via the Reason drop-down list.

In cases where a claim has been registered in MedicalDirector PracSoft as having been sent to Medicare Australia, but is not registered by Medicare Australia (perhaps due to transmission problems), select 999 as a reason for deletion.


Selection of this code will delete the claim in MedicalDirector PracSoft, but not send a message to Medicare Australia. This option should also be chosen if the claim has already been deleted at Medicare Australia (for example, by a request over the phone).



4.     Click  A request will be sent to Medicare Australia to delete each selected claim.