Held Accounts


When recording a visit, you can elect to put an account on hold. You may wish to do this if for example the patient is waiting for pathology results to return, and until then you don't know what services to charge. An account on hold can be processed at a later time.

An account is put on hold during the recording of a visit, by selecting the Pay Later payment option and clicking the button.

You can view a list of all held accounts by selecting Accounts > Held Accounts via the Waiting Room.

Items of interest on this window

Show Invoice To

Filter the specific group of held accounts.

Show Separate Row for Each Practitioner

Allows you to view a separate row for each Practitioner on the held accounts listing.


The number of the held account.

No of Held

The number of held accounts for the selected patient.

Opens the patient record associated with this held account.