History of Deleted Appointments

o       The 'History of Deleted Appointments' shows appointments that were manually deleted. These patients are removed from the Appointment Book.

o       The 'No Show' report lists patients who scheduled an appointment, but then did not arrive at the practice. These patients remain in the Appointment Book, but are flagged as 'No Show'.


MedicalDirector PracSoft retains a list of deleted appointments.

1.     Open the Appointment module by either;

o       Clicking

o       Selecting Waiting Room > Appointment Book.


2.     If you have multiple Appointment Books in use, select the Appointment Book you wish to use via the associated drop-down list.

3.     Select View > Show Delete History. The Deletions History window appears.

o       The upper section of this window displays the deleted appointments.

o       The lower section provides tools for filtering the list.