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Blue Chip MBS & RMFS November 2016 Fee Update

1 November 2016

MedicalDirector is pleased to announce the release of November 2016 MBS and RMFS fee update.

The following changes will take effect from 1 November 2016. Read more.

For instructions on updating MBS and RMFS Fees please follow the instructions below.


Click here for detailed instructions or follow the steps below.

  1. Click Download button on the right for the Fees update file (BCFeeUpdate_
  2. When prompted to 'Run', 'Save' or 'Cancel', select 'Run'. If you are prompted with a 'Security Warning', please select 'Run'.
  3. When the installation welcome screen launches, click on 'Next' to proceed.
  4. Click on 'Install' to begin the installation.
  5. When the installation completes, click on 'Finish'. The 'BC Fee Update' screen will be launched.
  6. Click on the 'Update Now' button.
    PLEASE NOTE: The 'Update Now' button only needs to be applied once on any computer. If you have already performed this step on another computer, click the 'Close' button.

The November 2016 MBS and RMFS fee update will be loaded into Blue Chip and will automatically activate from 1 November 2016. When the process completes, click the 'Close' button.


Blue Chip Fee Activator 

1st of November 2016

This is the fee activator for Blue Chip versions 2.8 and above. Blue Chip Fee Activator is a required prerequisite to Blue Chip MBS & RMFS Fee Update and must be installed in the server or standalone prior to the Fee Update.

Instructions to download:   

  1. Click Download button on the right for the BC Fee Activator file BCFeeActivator_2.0.13.1_Setup.exe.
  2. When prompted to 'Run', 'Save' or 'Cancel' the application, select 'Run'. The application will download to your computer and immediately run.
  3. You may be prompted for a 'Security Warning' message. If so, please select 'Run'.
  4. When the BC Fee Activator launches, click the 'Next' button to proceed. The installation proceeds and the progress is displayed.
  5. When the installation has completed, click the 'Finish' button. 

MedicalDirector Blue Chip 2.10 Release

1st of March 2015

We are pleased to provide your practice with the fresh features of the MedicalDirector Blue Chip 2.10 Release now available for download.


Benefits of applying the MedicalDirector Blue Chip 2.10 Release
This update is to address compliance of two important clinical areas driven by College of Pathologists (RCPA) and National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance (NVDPA).
Allow HbA1c data to be imported and recorded as either % or mmol/mol units
Support Absolute Cardio Vascular Risk Calculator
For a full detailed list of all modifications and enhancements in the MedicalDirector Clinical 3.15.3a update, please refer to the MD/PS 3.15.3a Release Notes.
  • Adding improved claiming functionality to your practice with the ability to e-claim on a large range of services.
  • Now supporting VMO payments from NSW Health by now generating a VMoney export file.
  • Improve the visibility of your practice with enhanced reporting through improved reporting including Medicare Reports
  • Manage your fees effortlessly with additional improvements enabling the successful submission to Medicare using Bulk Bill, Patient Claim, Eclipse, DVA claim type for a variety of services.
  • RMFS fee list now include both In-Hospital and Out-of-Hospital fee columns (DVA)
  • Improved flexibility with assitant billing

For a full detailed list of all modifications and enhancements, please refer to the MedicalDirector Blue Chip 2.10 Release Notes.

To take advantage of the new fee update, perform a fee update after upgrading to 2.10.


  • The MedicalDirector Blue Chip release is full release and can only be installed over BC 2.8.xx or higher. If you currently have a version older than BC 2.8, or cannot install the release, please contact the MedicalDirector Customer Care team by logging an online enquiry or call 1300 300 161.

  • Click Download button.
  • When prompted, select the option to 'Save' the update file to your computer. Do NOT select the option to 'Run' the file at this time.
  • Select a location on your computer to save and download the update when ready.
  • Please log out of MedicalDirector Blue Chip to perform this update.
    • This update must be performed on your Server computer first and then on all workstation computers.
    • In a Terminal Server environment it is only necessary to perform the installation on the Server computer.
  • Navigate to the location where you downloaded the update, open the file and double-click on the MedicalDirector_Blue_Chip_2.10.3.exe to initiate the file extractor. If prompted (depending on your computer's security settings), please continue by allowing this file to make changes. Click 'Yes' or 'Run' button to proceed.
  • Click 'Setup' button on the file extractor prompt. The MedicalDirector Blue Chip installer will open automatically once the file extraction has finished.
  • To complete the setup please follow the steps provided in MedicalDirector Blue Chip Install Shield Wizard.

If you experience any problems applying this update, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care on 1300 300 161 or log an online support enquiry.

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