MedicalDirector Clinical & PracSoft Connect 3.16b Release

MedicalDirector's Connect Release will enable practices to better engage with their patients more cohesively with features that will enhance patient care, practice management and ease administrative pressures on practices.

Note: This download is an ISO file (DVD image file) and you will need to use third party DVD burning software to create a DVD from this ISO file (or extract the contents using a utility such as WinRAR) in order to use it to install.


Benefits of MedicalDirector Clinical & PracSoft Connect

Revamped Recalls

Revamped Recalls

A streamlined recalls workflow in MedicalDirector Clinical cuts administrative time with attempts to contact patients now recorded. Patient attendance is also tracked and managed in the Appointment Book when linked to MedicalDirector PracSoft.

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Improved SMS

Improved SMS

Send bulk SMS to patients for recalls and result notification within MedicalDirector Clinical, and receive and track SMS replies from patients in MedicalDirector PracSoft.

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Group Messenger

Enhanced Group Messenger

Send group messages to staff and other clinicians via Messenger in both MedicalDirector Clinical and PracSoft. Messages can be saved directly to the patient’s clinical record enabling improved clinical documentation.


Intuitive HealthLink SmartForms

New HealthLink SmartForms in MedicalDirector Clinical can be auto populated with relevant patient data to be submitted and tracked electronically with third party organisations.

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Improved Data Handling and Recording Capability

Enhanced patient care in MedicalDirector Clinical with improved pregnancy prompts, increased description in patient details, and differentiation of interaction levels ‘visit type’ within Progress Notes.


Improved Clinical Support Tools

Available in 3.16a

Includes new Audit-C alcohol assessment tool, improved Absolute CVD risk calculator and 18 months old Whooping Cough Booster added to National Immunisation Program (NIP) Schedule. Also includes Letter Writer update to support investigation results with HTML and RTF content.


Jayex Self Check-In Kiosk

The Jayex Self Check-In Kiosk is integrated with MedicalDirector PracSoft, allowing patients to check themselves in on arrival at your practice.


New "Gender" Field

New "gender" field introduced in MedicalDirector PracSoft to comply with current accreditation requirements.

Windows 10

Enhanced Financial Processes

Available in 3.16a

Includes improved Data Integrity Check and custom Service Fee functionality as well as updated functions in the Tools Menu of the Appointment Book.


Improved eHealth Functionality

Available in 3.16b

New ePIP Shared Health Summary Calculator widget will enable practices to track compliance with the quarterly eHealth Practice Incentives Program (PIP) for Shared Health Summary uploads to My Health Record service.

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Seamless Device Integration

Available in 3.16b

MedicalDirector Clinical now interfaces with WinspiroPRO (v7.0 or higher) respiratory diagnostic software allowing you to save respiratory data captured within the patient's clinical record.

Windows 10

Windows 10 Compatible

Sys Req IconSystem Requirements

MedicalDirector Systems Requirements Guide assists practices in identifying their computer hardware, Operating System and software requirements for this release. We recommend that practices consult a Microsoft Certified Technician to determine the exact requirements and licensing arrangements required to meet their specific needs. Please note that they are minimal guidelines and your actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration, installed applications and usage.


Release Notes IconRelease Notes

The MedicalDirector Clinical and PracSoft 3.16b Connect Release focuses on providing better ways to manage clinical risk and engage your practice with your patients. This document outlines the enhancements, modifications and fixes contained in this release. Please note that this release can be installed over versions of MedicalDirector Clinical and PracSoft 3.12 and later.


Webinars IconWebinars

What's New in MedicalDirector Clinical and PracSoft Connect 3.16b Release

Want to know more about the features available in the MedicalDirector Clinical and PracSoft 3.16b Connect release? View our webinar and get a first-hand look at how things work and how to maximise the benefits for your practice.

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