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Helix is a time-saving, cloud platform that transforms clinic and practice management

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MedicalDirector Clinical

The clinical management software packed with tools and features to help you save time, reduce costs and improve patient safety.


MedicalDirector PracSoft

The practice management software that will streamline your workflows and optimise the efficiency of your practice.


MedicalDirector Blue Chip

The specialist management software, designed for most specialist disciplines, providing you with the flexibility needed in your practice.


About MedicalDirector

MedicalDirector has been supporting healthcare professionals and improving health outcomes for more than 20 years. It has grown from just a software company to incorporate a variety of health related services including digital publishing and medical reference services, research and data analytics, medical information resources and health communication services.

To ensure we have access to the very best technologies, we’ve strategically partnered with proven software and service providers from across the healthcare industry.


Discover the MedicalDirector 3.17 Release

MedicalDirector’s Clinical & PracSoft 3.17 Release provides your practice with the latest features and functionality that will streamline practice workflows with simplified compliance and improve patient care.


Close the loop with your patients with Revamped Recalls

Revamped Recalls will ease administrative pressures providing you with more time to focus on your patients.

Our streamlined workflow cuts the number of steps required to remind your patients by over 50%, saving you up to 2 hours per week. Revamped Recalls automatically records an action in the patient’s file within MedicalDirector Clinical as well as tracks and manages attendance in the appointment book within MedicalDirector PracSoft.