Adding Users


This topic refers to managing 'user' records in MedicalDirector Clinical, where a 'user' is defined as any non-clinical member. For clinical staff, see Adding, Editing and Deleting Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners.

1.     Ensure you have opened the User Database.


2.     Click  The Add User window appears.


3.     Enter the name of the user - this would normally be the user's First name then Surname.

4.     Select one of the options from the Category list. Common categories are listed, and you can manage user-defined categories via the button. Note that if you select 'Medical Student', you can also indicate who is the supervising practitioners.

The Practice Manager category has been added to the MedicalDirector Clinical User Database because of their position and range of duties within a practice. This enables them to:

  • Add and remove practitioners and users and setup passwords.

  • Modify practitioners and user demographics and access levels, and change passwords.

  • Change Licence codes to increase or reduce the number of licensed practitioners.



5.     Select one of the Access Level options.

6.      Options:

o       If you have selected an Access Level of 'Full', you may now also;

         Record the user's Provider Number for Medicare Australia Immunisations,

         Record the user's HPI-I No,

         Indicate that you wish to participate in My Health Record, and then record your details as you wish them to appear in the My Health Record system.


o       Tick the Data Export Privileges check box if you wish to give the user the ability to export clinical, demographic and address book data from MedicalDirector Clinical. Exporting is available via the MedicalDirector Maintenance suite of tools.

o       Tick the Options Editing check box if you wish to give the user access to the MedicalDirector Clinical Options and Print Options menus.

o       Tick the PKI Encryption check box to enable the encrypting of e-mail correspondence sent from MedicalDirector Clinical Letter Writer using HESA PKI Certificate encryption technology.

o       Tick the Auto-Capitalise Name check box to automatically capitalise the first letter of each word you type. There are numerous windows throughout MedicalDirector Clinical that offer this functionality, including the various Options tabs.

o       Tick the MyHealthRecord Assisted Registration check box to grant permission to use the Assisted Registration utility in MedicalDirector Maintenance. Please see the MedicalDirector Maintenance Help for information about accessing and using the Assisted Registration utility.


7.     Click to add the new user to the database. At this point you are prompted to enter a new password.


8.     Devise a password, entering and confirming it in the fields provided. Multiple users can share the same user name. For further information about passwords, see Setting and Changing Your Password.

9.     Click to confirm your password choice and save the record.