If you have MAPI-compliant (Messaging Application Programming Interface) e-mail software installed on your computer, letters can be sent from and imported to, the Letter Writer.

It is important to understand that it is not MedicalDirector Clinical that actually sends or receives e-mail. Rather, MedicalDirector Clinical interacts with your third-party e-mail software, and it is this software that does the sending and receiving via your e-mail server. Therefore, before you can send or receive e-mail using MedicalDirector Clinical you must ensure that your e-mail client software is installed and functioning correctly.

Note that you can also send and receive correspondence electronically, via MDExchange.

o       To send email

o       To import email as a letter



To Send a Letter as E-mail

1.     From within the Letter Writer, either:

o       Click

o       Select File > E-mail > Send from the menu bar.


2.     The Send E-mail window appears.

o       Select a recipient from your Address Book by clicking either the Name or Email Address button.

o       If your patient has an e-mail address recorded, you can click to send the letter directly to them.

o       Enter a subject.

o       Select a format to send the letter as; an attachment (which must be named), formatted text or plain text.


3.     Click to send the e-mail.



To Import E-mail as a Letter

1.     From within Letter Writer select File > E-mail > Import. The E-mail Browser window appears.


2.     Select the required Mailbox from the Message Store drop-down menu. These mailboxes are the same as those available to you in your third-party e-mail software.

3.     Select the Inbox in which the message resides (your e-mail server computer must have already received the e-mail). On selecting an Inbox (you may have multiple inboxes) the Messages list is populated with any messages you have in that inbox.

4.     Select the required e-mail in the list of Messages.

5.     Then, either:

o       Click  The e-mail is imported into the patient's Letters tab, or

o       Click  You will be prompted to select the patient record to which you wish to save the e-mail into. Click to add the e-mail to the selected patient's record and return to the E-mail Browser window, or

o       Click to add the e-mail to the letter displayed in letter writer, at the cursor. The text of the e-mail can now be edited if required.


6.     Click to return to Letter Writer.

7.     Close Letter Writer. The e-mail appears as a new entry in the Letters tab of the patient's Clinical window.